MC Multiple Combination Truck License

Multi Combination (MC) is a vehicle with more than one trailer. To qualify, you must have an HR or HC license for at least 12 months.

MC license qualification

Multi combination b double truck licence is the pinnacle of the transportation industry. The driver who drives this heavy and powerful vehicle has a great responsibility and job prospects vary.

The service to Brisbane and Gold-Coast, the government-approved educational institutions offer fast and flexible b-double training Brisbane courses for all medium-sized vehicles on the road, including MC truck licenses.

A one and two-day course are offered at a one of a kind educational facility, 50 minutes by car from Brisbane CBD to M1 and 23 minutes by car and retraining is offered. In some cases, the training providers also offer services at your doorstep. Truck driving schools Gold Coast are available to all residents of southeast Queensland and those living in the north of New South Wales.

Which vehicles can drive once you get an MC license?

The MC license allows you to legally drive heavy combination units that tow more than one trailers with a total vehicle weight greater than 9 tons. An HR or HC license for at least a year is must to have before you receive an MC license. A typical MC (multiple combinations) vehicle, commonly known as a B-double or road train, is a vehicle that tows one or more trailers. With an MC license, you can drive heavy vehicles. Through the MC License class, all training and evaluations are conducted as an authorized RTO.

The MC license evaluation is based on competence and, unlike a practical driving test with a TMR examiner; it is a mixture of on paper knowledge assessment and a practical technical demonstration.

Instructors would train and evaluate according to the industry standards described in the TLI4006 Multiple Combination: Competition unit for driving multiple combination vehicles.

What is required to acquire an MC license?

You can take an MC course any time you are willing to before you obtain an HR or HC license. However, State Transportation and Highways will never issue MC licenses until they continue to maintain HC or HR for 12 months. There is no on paper information test to perform at TMR; the speculation is done with the trainer as part of the MC course. Before stating achievement, you must complete a theoretical and practical assessment.

Along with your driver’s license, you must submit your license application directly to the Department of Transportation and the main customer service centres along the road along with your declaration of achievement. If a medical condition is present on your license, a medical certificate would be required for the type of license you have applied for.

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